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How to Manage a Healthy Lifestyle with a Business Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 4

From indulgent brunches to late-night dinner meetings, we've all experienced the demanding pace of a business lifestyle. Unfortunately, too many of these moments can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lately, I've faced some challenges managing my responsibilities. Balancing a 6-month-old baby, overseeing two companies, and training a few clients has been demanding. My schedule is filled with daily meetings, often accompanied by meals or drinks. Amidst this busy routine, I noticed a weight gain of 10 pounds, and it took a toll on my well-being.

Recognizing the importance of personal health and setting an example for my business, I decided to take action. Over the past two months, I've implemented changes that not only helped me shed those 10 pounds but also inspired me to share valuable insights on how to seamlessly incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your own busy schedule. Here are some valuable tips for busy business professionals:

1. Stick to ONE Drink:

When meeting someone for a drink, exercise discipline by limiting yourself to just one. It's common to encounter situations where your companion may be more enthusiastic about drinking than you are. Take your time, savor the drink slowly, and set a time limit, typically aligned with the duration of the meeting. Your ability to adhere to your decision will garner respect and positively influence the impression you leave.

2. Choose Healthy Options:

Many business lunches or dinners occur at restaurants with limited healthy choices. However, you can always make healthier selections. For instance, if opting for a burger, substitute fries with a salad or go for a half salad/half fries combo. Consider protein-rich options like lean steak with vegetables or chicken paired with vegetables. Opt for good carbs such as whole grains, brown rice, fruits, and beans. If there's bread, limit yourself to one and resist the temptation for more.

3. Increase Weekly Workouts:

If your schedule involves frequent social gatherings, increase your weekly workouts to balance the additional calories. By incorporating extra sessions, you not only offset indulgences but also boost your overall well-being. My client, a prominent lawyer known for his business meetings, successfully managed his lifestyle by controlling his choices and intensifying his exercise routine. More workouts mean more flexibility in your diet and social engagements.

4. Opt for Coffee or Tea Meetings:

For a simpler approach, choose coffee or tea meetings. Stick to a basic coffee to stay focused without the potential drawbacks of fancier drinks. Alternatively, opt for tea or water. This minimizes unnecessary calorie intake and maintains concentration during the meeting.

5. Combine Workouts with Business Discussions:

Schedule a workout before engaging in business talks over a protein shake or coffee. Whether it's a fitness class, a personal training session, or a run, exercising beforehand releases endorphins, enhancing focus and productivity during the meeting. Demonstrating a commitment to self-respect and prioritizing health attracts like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, our time on Earth is limited, and achieving a balance between a fulfilling life and indulging in its pleasures is essential. Embrace a well-balanced lifestyle by working out, feeling good, looking good, and enjoying occasional treats. While I savor fries and burgers, I recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as I age – a commitment that allows me to enjoy life's pleasures responsibly.

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