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About LC Fitness

LC Fitness Management specializes in the comprehensive management of fitness facilities for a diverse range of clients. From staffing to health and fitness programming, equipment procurement, locker management, and community engagement through challenges and workshops, we cover every aspect to ensure a seamless fitness experience.

Our services are tailored for private clubs, hotels, corporate offices, and residential amenity centers. Going beyond traditional facility management, we provide personalized fitness solutions that cater to individual preferences and needs. Our certified trainers deliver one-on-one sessions or group classes, including corporate classes designed to promote team bonding and a healthier workforce. These classes are customizable to accommodate diverse fitness levels, fostering inclusivity and active participation.

Our philosophy prioritizes community and health, centering on spaces that inspire connections, support, and a healthier lifestyle. Inclusivity, engagement, and personal growth are the cornerstones of our programs and events, contributing to a positive work-life balance and a thriving, harmonious environment.

We have over 20 years of experience, working in a variety of fitness settings. We are passionate about health and fitness and are committed to delivering results. We pride ourselves on working with only top level health and fitness professionals with a diverse background of skills and specialties. Bring us your goals and we will design a plan that is specific to you and your needs.

Our Team


Mike Lemme

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Josh Cameron

Co-Founder & Creative Director


Azra Semanic

Marketing Manager

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Tiffany Lemme

Administrative Assistant

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