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Elevating Member and Tenant Experience: 5 Tips for Property Managers and Building Owners with Fitness Amenities

Enhancing the member and tenant experience in your building is a key focus for us, whether or not you currently collaborate with a fitness management company. We've curated five simple and effective tips to attract and retain members and tenants, ensuring a positive and thriving community within your property.

1. Weekly Fitness Classes:

Consider offering 2-4 complimentary fitness classes weekly, ranging from yoga to HIIT or strength training. This diverse selection fosters a sense of community among building occupants. Not only does it showcase proactive management, but it also demonstrates a commitment to the health and well-being of your community.

2. Front Desk Services:

Having a dedicated individual managing the front desk of your fitness facility ensures smooth operations. Members and tenants can easily navigate their fitness experience, from class sign-ups to accessing amenities like towels and lockers. This personal touch enhances overall satisfaction.

3. Monthly Equipment Maintenance:

Bring in an expert fitness equipment team monthly to keep everything running smoothly. These professionals have the know-how to maintain and sustain equipment, ensuring longevity. Their focus on service over sales makes them essential for a well-functioning fitness facility.

4. Monthly Workshops:

Organize monthly workshops to promote your fitness center. These can range from basic equipment usage tutorials to nutrition workshops. Workshops not only attract new users but also create a sense of community among current members. Consider whether to charge for these educational sessions.

5. Consider Professional Fitness Management:

Whether you choose LC Fitness Management or another expert, hiring a fitness management company brings valuable experience. We've gathered data from various buildings – residential, commercial, and private – allowing us to tailor our approach to each unique setting. Our world-class partnership ensures financial sustainability for your fitness facility.

Remember, a thoughtful and successful fitness program can bring people together, creating a healthier and happier community within your building.

Thank you for considering these tips, and we look forward to contributing to the success of your fitness center in 2024!


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